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Essex Reef Club

by jacksok at 10:06 PM
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Welcome to the online home of the Essex Reef Club

The Club and forum was founded in January 2010 by Barry Gatt and myself, Keith Jackson. The aim was to provide a means for local reefers to get together online and in-person to share and exchange knowledge, offer help, buy/sell/exchange livestock and equipment, or just socialise and gossip! Over the years our membership has grown to embrace a wide range of experience, from those just starting out, to veterans who have been at this for 30 years or more. But all share that common desire - to recreate and enjoy the beauty of the natural reefs in the comfort of our own homes. Follow the forums link above if you think you might want to join them...

The Club and forum are not run for profit. The costs of running, maintaining, and developing the Club and forum are met from my own pocket, and only partly offset by advertising fees from local aquatic businesses.

A group of volunteers help to keep the Club and forum ticking over, moderating posts when necessary, or organising competitions, meets, and aquarium features. The Club couldn't exist without their efforts and they have my heartfelt thanks!

ERC Staff List

Barry (gattsps) – joint Founder
Keith (jacksok) – joint Founder, Forum Moderator
Mark (sparky) – Forum Moderator
James (JP-79er) – Forum Moderator
Andy (jobsona) – Featured Aquarium Co-ordinator
Paul (fishpalace) – Competition Secretary
Darren (darrenwest1) – Events Co-ordinator
Ivan (Todo10) - Forum Admin